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TRIANGULUM AUSTRALE, "The Southern Triangle," was composed and executed as one - originally intended to be released as one mammoth track, destined to be listened to as one body of music - a cross-dimensional journey. Each devised track represents a constellation on this journey : (I) ASELLUS PRIMUS (The Celestial Spear) - three sun-like stars near the end of the handle of the Big Dipper of Ursa Major represent the Herdsman's upraised fingers as they point the path. (II) ZENITH (The Astronomical Meridian) - The point on the celestial sphere that is directly above the observer - at this point you have hopefully left your Earth-bound body. (III) GANON (Triforce) - Seeking Godlike strength and mystical powers - even a complete relic cannot grant invulnerability on this journey. (IV) HYDRUS HOROLOGIUM (The Water Snake / The Clock) - The labyrinth of the inner ear involving balance, riding the wave as the pendulum clock swings. (V) VINDEMIATRIX (Grape Gatherer) - A bright yellow star (60x that of the Sun) in the right wing of the Virgin - This is the heliacal rising, signifying the harvest.

Triangulum Australe comprises the celestial atlas of Victory. This constellation system interacts and triangulates in the purest of cosmic rhythms with the sonar system echoed by the underwater giants in "Whale Songs." In contingency, "Nexus" completes this cosmic triangle as the ancient pyramids blast a laser beam of Victory into the stars, syncing harmoniously with . . . Triangulum Australe.

UNTITLED (void of description) Enter the Void
CETUS CIRCINUS (Whale Compass) - Follow the Orca to infinity and beyond


released September 9, 2011

Recorded/Mastered Summer 2011 by Ben Stoller
Mixed by Ben Stoller/Hot Victory

Drums: Ben Stoller + Caitlin Love
Electronics: Ian Weiland and Erik Hanson



all rights reserved


Hot Victory Portland, Oregon

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